Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Finished, wooooo!! Please excuse the terrible photo of it but it's dark outside and the painting is being lit by my daylight lamps so just a touch of light reflection. I will get a better photo during the day tomorrow when I can take more time over it, and see the painting without blurred eyes! You'll be glad to know I have an opticians appointment in the morning so we'll see just how permanently cross eyed I've become since the past few paintings! :-D


sue said...

Congratulations :o) you made it!

Ditto eye test. I have one tomorrow afternoon - courtesy of Tesco opticians offering free tests!

Sally Lancaster said...

Bottoms! I missed that Tesco were offering free tests and am paying for mine! But it has been years since my last test so I needed to book one before forgetting yet again! :-D

pett paintings said...

Me too! had my eye test and now have to have stronger glasses......the optician thinks eye strain is the culprit for the double vision I'm getting after a couple of hours at the easel and has advised cutting back :-(!
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pett paintings said...

Opps forgot to say well done on the wedding painting it looks brilliant! I take my hat off to you for even taking it on!