Friday, 30 October 2009


I gave up and used my small digital camera and it seemed to save perfectly well so it must be something to do with my new digital SLR but nevermind! As you can see, Cab is at that, what I like to call, ugly stage. I started out by drawing Cab onto the canvas and then I painted just inside the edge of his outline with masking fluid, which is a new thing that I discovered thanks to another acrylic artist, as this allows me to go crazy when painting in the background without worrying about losing the outline of the painting. Then I blocked in the drawing of Cab with brown just to cover the canvas to stop it showing through when I start to layer paint on top. I've started to paint in his coat and when doing this, on each painting, I have to sit for a minute or two and think how to approach it as each animal is different to the next. I've just painted a Cocker Spaniel but his coat is completely different to Cab's so it takes me a few mins to figure out how.

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