Monday, 1 December 2008

Frankie - Finished

Here is the finished version of Frankie. I always feel really privileged being commissioned to produce paintings of all these gorgeous horses as they are a joy to do.


mema2312 said...

Dear Sally,
Today is my 21st birthday. I have just finished opening my presents, saving the one from my parents til last(mainly because my mother was getting way too excited!)
I peeled off the wrapping paper to reveal this amazing portrait of my horse, Frankie!
You have captured him exactly how he is at home. Its brilliant!
It's really nice to have a home picture of him, as all the other shots are of him competing on the eventing circuit, where he is a different person.

Thank you so much.

Emma Gregory

Sally Lancaster said...

Hi Emma

Thank you so much for your lovely note, it's always wonderful hearing from people who've received my paintings as surprise presents. Frankie is very handsome and I hope he appreciates the painting!

Have a brilliant birthday and Happy Christmas!