Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Lady Arabella Moger and Rupert

Here is todays update. I must admit that I thought, being a smaller painting, that it wouldn't take as long as usual to paint but there are so many little details to include so it's taking the same amount of time as a much larger painting. Having said that, I bizarrely adore painting tiny details so I'm loving this one and if it wasn't for my eyes getting tired, I'd happily keep going into the evening and maybe night!!


Stephanie Greaves said...

This is a gorgeous photo to work from Sally & I cant wait to see the finished thing! :)

Sally Lancaster said...

Thanks Steph and yes, it's a fab photo isn't it! It was taken by a professional photographer (would name her but it's slipped from my brain for the moment) and so great to work from.