Monday, 25 January 2010

Lady Arabella Moger and Rupert

Time for my next commission and this time it is of Lady Arabella Moger and her favourite horse, Rupert. This is quite a small painting for me, 10x12" but a really interesting one as I don't get to do many horse and rider paintings. Below are the first couple of stages. I start with the drawing having been put onto canvas. I then mask the edge of this drawing with masking fluid so I can paint on the background without worrying about going over the lines of the drawing. The photo below shows once this background paint has dried and I have removed the masking fluid and gone around the edge of the drawing to define it and touching up any bits of paint necessary.
Then I start to add the first layer of paint, purely just to cover up the canvas so it doesn't show through on any later layers. Some areas, like the saddle, I will leave until I come to paint it as it's quite a mixture of saddle, reins, whip etc so I don't want to paint over it now and forget what's going on under there when I come to paint it.

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