Thursday, 3 December 2009


Here is the latest stage of Kara. I have to admit that I find Palominos quite a challenging colour to mix up. In the shadow on her neck there are lots of reddish tones but you have to get it just right or she could end up looking like a chestnut! I also love having quite contrasting tones to paint, such as the lighting on Kara with the deep shadows and then the bright sunlight coming in from the right.


sue said...

Looking good Sally.

I was hoping to finish my double horse pic today, but we got back from sunny Fuerteventura last night and I can't get warm (or settle down to work) today. Need a kick up the backside for tomorrow!!

Sally Lancaster said...

I know that feeling. I find it really hard to concentrate on painting when it's so cold. I got myself an oil fueled radiator to sit next to my chair and today I was wearing a thick jumper and fleece plus loads more and my fingerless gloves! Oh well, I'll just keep looking forward to my month in Oz in February and hopefully that'll keep me going! :-D