Thursday, 10 December 2009

Kara - Finished

Here is the finished version of Kara, awaiting approval. I've been very pleased with my progress with this painting and how it's turned out. I must admit that I was a bit nervous to start with incase I struggled with the colour mixing to get the Palomino colouring right, but it was easier than I anticipated and I ended up really enjoying this painting. I can have mental blocks at times throughout paintings, and often start paintings with a huge mental block, but luckily, once I got going with this painting, it continued to flow.


sue said...

Lovely work Sally.
But I sympathise with the nerves ... I hate waiting for approval (especially when the client leaves it for a few days before responding)
They'll love this, I'm sure

Sally Lancaster said...

Thank you Sue. Glad to report he'd delighted with it. It is odd though that I've been painting all these years and still have the same worries, lol! Will they ever go?! :-D

pett paintings said...

Aw Sally this is a beauty! your client will love it!

Stephanie Greaves said...

Gorgeous! I adore palominos I am just to scared to attempt one! ha ha! Grey manes are very scary too but you have done a fabulous job with Kara x