Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Cab - Finished

Here is the finished version of Cab, waiting approval. I always find it interesting and slightly amusing with each painting as to the areas I love to paint and the areas I find more challenging. I absolutely love painting eyes and it's often been commented upon by people looking at my paintings, especially if they're close ups of faces. I also love painting dogs noses as they have that wet look about them that I really enjoy depicting. Horse's muzzles are also a favourite of mine as I adore how soft they are in real life and have great fun trying to make them look as soft in my paintings. However, ears are a real bug bear for me, in both animals and humans! I have no idea why but I always struggle with ears. Hands, feet, paws and hooves are also quite tricky as it can be quite easy to get the sizing slightly wrong and this in turn can make them look very strange!

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