Monday, 28 September 2009

Wedding Painting

This painting is 24x20" and will be of the bride, groom, daughter and all their animals in the setting of where the wedding will take place. Yes, that's right, of where the wedding will take place as it hasn't actually happened yet! It's also a surprise present for the groom so we've had to be very sneaky, getting photos of everyone in their wedding outfits which proved quite tricky with the groom but we finally got one last week. That's also why he's currently stuck on the canvas as a piece of paper as I've had to put everyone in separately and am waiting to hear if I've put him in the right position before I commit to drawing him on. Unfortunately, this means that I can't get on with the rest of the painting until he's confirmed as I need to paint the wall in next and would prefer to not have to do so before he's in place and once the wall is painted, I can paint everyone infront of the wall.

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