Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Stevie, Misty and Jimmy

I made a start on and managed to finish Misty's face today, hopefully picking up on the roan details in the fur. It's quite tricky for me to paint things I'm not seeing infront of me so I hope I've done okay! I then made a very quick start on Stevie's ear but will get started properly another day as I now have to rearrange my 'studio'. Sadly, even though this is my full time job, I don't have a dedicated studio and this room also has to be the guest room, ironing room etc and as I have a friend coming up from Bristol for the night, I need to move everything into the corners just so I can get out the air bed for her. If anyone has an insulated wooden shed they fancy donating to me to become my studio, please let me know!


Anonymous said...

You've done a brilliant job with Misty's roaning. She's a very dark blue roan (even darker when wet) and you've captured her colouring perfectly.


Sally Lancaster said...

Excellent! :-D