Friday, 28 August 2009

Stevie, Misty and Jimmy

At last, an update! It's been such a busy week as I was at the Monmouthshire Show yesterday with my tradestand so Wednesday was spent preparing for it, mounting prints, sorting bits and pieces and then going over to the site to put up my tent. This was my first one day show and luckily it stayed dry and was really busy. It's always hard to gauge the results as I will have to wait and see if I get any business from the day but I sold some prints which at least covered the cost of the pitch. It was also the first time that I'd attended a show on my own, I normally have my husband with me - I won't be going on my own again!! Because it was so busy, and I don't like leaving things unattended, I managed one toilet break and didn't get to eat anything until the show ended at 6.30pm! I'd become so used to going to quiet shows with hubby where it's easy to wander off if needed so this was quite a shock! Stevie, Misty and Jimmy also came with me to the show as I worked on the painting whilst there and they were admired by everyone. I've nearly finished Jimmy, just a few tweaks needed and made a good start on Misty. I've given myself just next week to finish this painting, having also forgotten it's a bank holiday weekend, so fingers crossed! :-D

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Sally McLean said...

This is taking shape beautifully. Can't wait to see it finished.