Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Barley Finished

I managed to get Barley finished today, with the hope of finishing the painting by the end of the week. The bottom photo is the most similar in colour match to the original painting and the other two photos show a couple of the major stages of the painting today. I will no doubt start tomorrow with a bit of tweaking of the painting when I spot things that I might have either missed or am not quite as happy with as I am right now, but that's very typical of how I work and sometimes I have to remind myself to stop incase I go over a painting too much and end up spoiling it!


Costescu said...

drool, I love it! You do such an amazing job with fur and with acrylics no less! I often stop by and admire your work but don't leave comments everytime as I would end up sounding like a stalker ;)

Sally Lancaster said...

LOL! Feel free to stalk, it gets a bit lonely on here at times so it's nice to know there are others out there! :-D Thanks for the comments on Barley, I just wish I wasn't struggling quite so much with her beautiful friend Meg, it's amazing how a slightly different coat can baffle you. Fingers crossed I crack it today.