Tuesday, 28 April 2009


This little cutie is Daniel. I was lucky enough to paint his sister Charlotte a couple of years ago and now it's Daniel's turn! Painting humans is completely different to animals so I'm having to remember how but I do love painting people, especially kids with cheeky grins. When painting skin tones, I have to work a lot more loosely, building up lots of layers, starting with darker tones and layering the lighter tones on top. I've done one lot of layers on Daniel's face but tend to go over it again once these layers are dry as it makes for a more even colour. With animals, I tend to paint in the individual hairs so it's quite a different process. Human skin has a very smooth tone compared to animal fur so requires more blending which can be tricky with acrylics but again, part of the challenge I enjoy. Am I mad??!! (hopefully no one I know will answer that as I know what they'll say!)

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