Monday, 26 January 2009


This painting is proving to be very hard work and all because of the paint, nothing else! I've noticed in the past that occasionally certain colours, often green, will be difficult to work with and that is proving the case with these colours. The way I work is to start with the darker undertones and build up the lighter layers on top, blending as I go along. Because acrylics dry so quickly, this normally means I have to be quick with blending and have developed a technique that works... with most colours! I'm finding today that when I'm putting the lighter layer on top and then dampen my brush to blend, the bottom layer lifts off when I put brush to canvas. To say it's annoying is an understatement and my brush has taken one flight across the studio so far! I think that this painting might take a while as I have to wait longer for the under layers to dry so I'm going to start my exhibition paintings in the meantime to give me other paintings to work on should I get frustrated with this one. It's such a shame as the reference photo is great and such a beautiful horse to work on so I was really looking forward to it but the paint gods have decided to make it harder work. :-D

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Costescu said...

Isn't painting fun :) Why do we do it?!?!? I know your frustration. I am working on a painting right now as well that was looking very nice after many, many, many hours and I thought hey, I will just darken an area a touch.

Now there are strange black dots appearing all underneath the the color turned a funny death color, not at all the look I was going for ;) aaaah it is a good thing we are so addicted we can not stop hey ;)